The Truth About Bamboo

Is Bamboo Really Eco-Friendly? The Devil’s In The Details

One of my very early posts on HeartSleeves was about bamboo as an eco-friendly textile.  It was one of the first things I discovered when I started reading up on sustainable fashion, and it sounded really great.  I even bought a few bamboo dresses which were super soft.

Then things started happening.

As I met more and more sustainable designers, I realized that fewer and fewer of them used any bamboo at all in their lines.  Even the company I bought my dresses from now uses primarily Tencel, hemp, and cupro.  Hmmmmm.  Research time.

So here’s the skinny: bamboo as a plant is super sustainable.  It’s the fastest-growing on the planet, requires very little water, grows organically with no pesticides required, and regenerates over and over.  Bamboo the textile, though, is a different story.

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