#Jan25 Egyptian Revolution Street Art

When I returned to Cairo 6 months after the Egyptian Revolution that overthrew president Hosni Mubarak I found the city transformed. Revolutionary artwork was everywhere, with barely a patch of building in the central areas left blank. The murals and street art were inspiring, but the economic devastation caused by the drop in tourism put a damper on the celebratory attitude, as did the riot police surrounding Tahrir Square.

In these tumultuous times, it is my hope that the ideals of the revolution that are conveyed in this inspiring artwork will not be lost. Egypt is a country experiencing severe growing pains, but I believe the tenacity of the Egyptian people will win out in the long run.

All photos in this video were taken by me in August of 2011. The two songs are “Sout Al Horaya” (Voice of Freedom) by Hany Adel and Amir Eid, and #Jan25 by several Arab hip-hop artists.

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